Inside Guide of Langkawi

The Malaysian island of Langkawi has a shocking wilderness clad getaway at the exceptionally base of the Andaman Sea on the west bank of Peninsular. The island’s tough northern area is home to forest crests and excellent mangroves, alongside a large group of lesser-known shorelines. For the more adventurous willing to utilize their own vehicle, the island’s system of smooth, fixed streets offers perfect scope for day trips. At Langkawi, Kuah is home to a great part of the island’s private improvement. In Malay, Kuah implies sauce or curry, and it’s said that the town got its name from an old society story where two giants battled during a family argument about a pot of curry, which toppled on this spot.

Underwater World Langkawi

Underwater World Langkawi

This aquarium is the biggest in Malaysia and home to freshwater and saltwater fish from around the planet. Stroll through the 50-foot-long (15-meter) submerged passage to see the variety of fish surrounding you and look at the koi lake and seashell show. As you investigate the aquarium’s three biological communities tropical rainforest, mild atmosphere and sub-Antarctic you’ll see a bunch of marine life, including knife fish, pacu, tropical feathered creatures, flamingos, hide seals, penguins, catfish and stingrays. See tropical winged creatures and fish, and watch penguins at play.

Langkawi Bird Paradise -there are a lot of creatures around (with an accentuation on outlandish feathered creatures), combined with the moderately poor condition of the creatures’ surroundings, forces us to incorporate this posting more as a demoralization than a suggestion. It’s situated around 3km north of Kuah.

Prices-adult/child RM36/20

Opening hours-8.30am-6pm

Address-1485 Jln Kisap, off Jln Air Hangat

Langkawi rainforest that contains vegetation discovered nowhere on the planet. Naturalists will demonstrate to feathered creatures, plants, butterflies and that’s just the beginning, clarifying how a delicate universe of association has evolved. A solid start guarantees that you hear and see the rainforest morning melody of winged creatures and monkeys. And see distinctive types of animals, small creatures, snakes, birds, therapeutic plants and other common miracles in their normal environment. This tour is not suggested for kids.

From an explorer’s perspective, Langkawi has the accompanying essential purposes of interest: Kuah, the fundamental port town, the shorelines of Pantai Tengah, Cenang and Kok on the west drift and Pantai Datai and Tanjung Rhu on the north coast. In case you’re searching for the least expensive hotels on Langkawi, Pantai Tengah to be your first port of call, while in case you’re searching for more decision (both in hotel and food) Pantai Cenang is a superior wager. Take advantage of booking online via Easybook Langkawi ferry online. The two shorelines are just a 10-minute-walk separated. Do take your shoes off when going into some individual’s home or a position of respect, as an indication of admiration.

Bike and Bicycle-The most straightforward approach to Langkawi to get around is to procure a motorbike for around RM35 every day. You can do a comfortable circuit of the island (70km) in a day. The streets are fabulous, and outside Kuah, it’s exceptionally charming and simple riding. Motorbikes can be enlisted at stands everywhere throughout the island. Numerous spots additionally lease bicycles for RM15 every day.

Why you can afford a rental car in Malaysia

Malaysia is one to biggest tourist attraction of South Asia. Not just a tourist attraction, it is also a great financial sector. Kuala Lumpur is the biggest economic center in all of South Asia. So tourists from all over the world come to Malaysia to fulfill their love for tourism. The tourism serves as the third highest revenue generator for the country. With end number of people visiting the country for tourist and when they come to KK (Kota Kinabalu), it is advisable to book car rental kota kinabalu online as well as business purposes, there is a great demand for efficient transportation system. But the railway system of Malaysia is not very efficient. There are bus and cab services. But the most convenient and luxurious way is to use the car rental service. You can take your car and roam around and explore places like George Town, Putrajaya or Johor.


Explore the country

With the use of car rental service, tourists can go from one place to other in the way they prefer. They can take a tour of the city of Kuala Lumpur in the way they like. The rent of the cars varies accordingly. A normal car without insurance may charge 150 Malaysian Ringgit. Whereas a compact car with insurance ma charge 200 Malaysian Ringgit. The cost of unleaded petrol is 2, Malaysian ringgit per ltr. The rents vary according to the type of vehicle used. The rents also vary according to the duration and distance up to which the vehicles are used.

The configuration

The vehicles are all right hand drive and the left side of the road is used. There are also quite a few traffic rules that need to be followed or else heavy penalty will be charged. While driving the driver and the front passenger needs to use the seat belt by rule. There are heavy fines charged for the use of cell phones while driving. Speeding tickets are also given in the case of over speeding. However, sometimes the rental service helps you to get some remittances.

Why people hire car

Being a highly developed and advanced south East Asian country, Singapore and Malaysia are under the strict vigilance of the government. And hence discussing the issue of the transport system it has to be mentioned that being a small space island, an organized transport system is being maintained by the rulers of the space and thus it is well organized.



The number of cars is totally under control and each and every mode of transport is being available at any corners of the place. but within this the car rentals are also available which serve to be the personalized services for any family going for any day trip or an outing and mainly for the tourist visit to the local attractions.

Why people hire car? Beware of the insurance coverage before hiring

Car rental services are very easily available and they are the most convenient one for the tourist or for a day out at the local places. There are lots of Singaporean like to book car rental Singapore onine. You can schedule your own plan and can hire the car after making a good day out you can easily give back the car within the given period of time and thus there is no kind of hindrances. But before hiring any car you should always confirm that the car is not owned privately. It should be owned by any registered companies that will serve the hire and rewards insurance coverage.


Otherwise it may be a fatal condition in case you meet with any kind of accident while driving the car. Thus always make sure to check the insurance coverage and the registration number of the companies so that you can be sure of its validity while using it. There are many companies which are not having this allowance and insurance coverage. So beware of that types of cars and you will be quite aware of the convenience that are being served.

The convenience of the rental services for transportation

The rentals at the place are very cheap and it can be easily afforded by anyone. You can also look for some kinds of discounts that are being offered by the companies on some seasons or on some occasion or festivals. So you can save your money at this point of time if you plan your visit like this. And their mobility and services are well enough to make you satisfy. It is also a quick transportation solution to your destination place without being traveling in public transport which may take a bit time in reaching the place within the designated time.

For contacting with any car rentals you can visit the very common and popular websites which will give you a list of websites or contact numbers of the car rentals companies. You can call them up and book your car as per your schedule and necessity of the car.


Exotic Destinations


Singapore, a small city-state which takes pride in being a multi-racial place despite its small size, is located in Southeast Asia. It is a place which remains usually sunny with no distinct seasons with abundant rains throughout the year. Many festivals like the Singapore Food Festival, Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore Arts Festival, the Chingay Parade, the World Gourmet Summit etc., are celebrated all through the year. I was just waiting for that one chance of visiting this place and when I finally got it, there was no question of leaving it. I packed my bags, boarded a flight and landed in Singapore.

The exclusive ferry ride:

But before I left for Singapore, I had done the booking for my ferry rides over a website which provides excellent ferry rides in Singapore and getting easybook kl car rental onine. The ferry routes from the city are awesome; you can easily get from one country to another within 1 hour. For example, from Singapore you can go to Bintan or Johor, pretty easily to explore the sights and sounds over there.

Exploring the city-country:

Back in Singapore, my first destination of the day was the Jurong Bird Park.  It was a novel experience for me as I had not seen anything like this anywhere before. There were so many birds of so many colours, of so many varieties, chirping all around. It was a beautiful experience. Next in the list was another colourful place, the Flower Dome. It was also a new experience for me. From the Flower Dome we went ahead to see the Asian Civilisations Museum. It is a must for all those people who want to learn about the Asian civilization. I collected information as much as I could.

The next day I visited the MacRitchie Reservoir and it is quite apt for those who want to dissociate themselves from their daily lives for a few moments and relax amidst nature. I also visited the Clarke Quay. The food found here is very tasty and there are hawker centers and there are coffee-shops offering a 24 hours service and offering cheap yet good food.

The best thing about Singapore is the way people belonging to different backgrounds and cultures live in harmony with each other. It is like a bowl of salad where every person has retained their original cultures yet has jolly well got mixed up with others also. Singapore, thanks to the prompt ferry service, is also well connected to other ASEAN countries. Singapore not only attracts people with its awesome tourist spots but also teaches us a very important lesson and that is to live in harmony with our fellow beings. The people here and their hospitality deserve appreciation. I left the place with a heavy heart and decided to visit this place again in future.


Enjoy The Dive In Sipadan

divingtripSipadan Island has vast range of creatures such as monitor lizards with length of more than 1 meter. Sometimes, the boatman carries several tourists for diving & snorkeling as it is one of the rare & pristine beaches on the island. Over all these years, the marine species have benefitted with less plastic bags & garbage being thrown in the water. The sandy beaches of Sipaden Island enthrall me to relax with sunscreen lotions applied on my face.

The radiant heat literary helps me to gather more energy and enjoy the climate with sea water swarming all around. The diving style and quality is quite world class with wide range of diving spots.

The cost of diving is quite expensive as it charged around RM900 with packaged food & stuffs. 

There are various dive shops in Sipadan such as Scuba Junkie, Blue Sea Divers, North Borneo Dive & Sea Sports etc.

Prior diving in sea water, I generally compare prices from some of the dive shops as they provide proper equipment along with experienced professionals. Moreover, one has to get proper permits for diving in various spots of Sipadan.

The cost for each permits RM40 to RM140.

The climate of Sipadan is quite moderate throughout the day. Our dive master often takes us to turtle tomb for exploration. He is an old chap with more than 10 years of experience in diving.

He dives along with me to various spot of Sipadan. I feel incredibly lucky as it won’t have been possible in Norway. But, fortunately, I realized my dream of diving in Malaysia with experience professionals along with beautiful beaches and shoreline. The sea water thrills me every time as I feel quite fortunate to dive in Sipadan Island.

Car Rentals in Malaysia

Good news for road enthusiasts! The wide list of car rentals in Malaysia has brought to you golden opportunity to explore the city at your own pace. It will be a rewarding experience to give a visit to some numerous eye-catching attractions through the multilane highways and easy to navigate roadways.

Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur – A Perfect Deal to Travel

Car rental through can not only be considered a hassle free plan, but also n easy to bear deal on the pocket. A perfect deal to travel with family as well as group of friends in a personal style to explore some of the most popular attractions of the city which include:

  • The Petronas Twin Towers
  • Menara KL Tower
  • Merdeka Square
  • Chinatown
  • Little India Brick Fields and so on.

After reaching the spot, all you need to do is to select a suitable vehicle matching your estimated budget. You may choose the most preferable one from the fleet of well maintained cars along with passenger vans as per your requirement. Through proper choice, you will be cruising through this beautiful city as per desire.  You will be surprised to know that the rates of booking on a daily basis and long time vary from each other.

Types of Vehicles Along with Variable Charges

If you are being charged a specific amount per day basis, then a discounted amount will be charged for long time booking service. A rough estimate can be reflected as under:

  • Proton persona @MYR 148/ day and @MYR 1034/week
  • Honda City @MYR 159/day and @MYR 962/week
  • Toyota Altis @MYR 163/day and @MYR 1140/week and so on.

Apart from all these models mentioned above, you may choose the most suitable one as per your requirements. If you desire to travel from one city to another, then nominal intercity charges may apply hence making the tour an enjoyable one. If booking is done prior, ie., before 2-3 days of journey, then you may get an assurance that the booking is on the process.

Total Deposit – Inclusive of Vital Rates

Easy booking along with returning and due collection of dream cab has been made possible through advanced deposit. It is time to note that the total charge comprise of the rates of:

  • Third party damage
  • Body injury
  • Expiry of the person

As a hirer, it is your sole responsibility to be highly obliged to provide a prompt report of an accident, vandalism, theft and other unwanted activities to the main office of A police report must be lodged within 24 hours pertaining to an accident. In case you remain a failure to comply with these steps, you will definitely remain void of all liability protection against the damages occurred. Instead of getting served, you may be at the risk of getting charged almost the full cost of damage incurred on the vehicle hired.

Why Must Go Sipadan

sipadanSipadan is one of the fabulous islands I have ever been in my life. After wandering for last several days in Malaysia, I decided that it was time to spend a beautiful weekend in Sipadan Island. Though, most of the resorts are closed in the island for environment concern. But, the whole island is still open for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling along with range of other activities.

I felt that it would be best for me to visit the island in the morning as I could utilize the whole time for scuba diving. As a child in Bodo, Norway, I was quite fascinated about scuba diving as I saw several deep divers with cameras filming sharks and other marine creatures on television. It really inspired me to learn diving in Malaysia.

I successfully enrolled for a certificate course which helped to advance towards a professional diver. Now, I usually dive with my own gear along with a boatman. My boatman is a local native of Mabul, he charges me half the rate as compared to other boatman since I dive quite frequently. He stays afloat in the water, while I dive deep inside with mask, oxygen cylinders, flipper etc. I meditate everyday and walk on my own to explore the Sipadan Island.