Exotic Destinations


Singapore, a small city-state which takes pride in being a multi-racial place despite its small size, is located in Southeast Asia. It is a place which remains usually sunny with no distinct seasons with abundant rains throughout the year. Many festivals like the Singapore Food Festival, Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore Arts Festival, the Chingay Parade, the World Gourmet Summit etc., are celebrated all through the year. I was just waiting for that one chance of visiting this place and when I finally got it, there was no question of leaving it. I packed my bags, boarded a flight and landed in Singapore.

The exclusive ferry ride:

But before I left for Singapore, I had done the booking for my ferry rides over a website which provides excellent ferry rides in Singapore and getting easybook kl car rental onine. The ferry routes from the city are awesome; you can easily get from one country to another within 1 hour. For example, from Singapore you can go to Bintan or Johor, pretty easily to explore the sights and sounds over there.

Exploring the city-country:

Back in Singapore, my first destination of the day was the Jurong Bird Park.  It was a novel experience for me as I had not seen anything like this anywhere before. There were so many birds of so many colours, of so many varieties, chirping all around. It was a beautiful experience. Next in the list was another colourful place, the Flower Dome. It was also a new experience for me. From the Flower Dome we went ahead to see the Asian Civilisations Museum. It is a must for all those people who want to learn about the Asian civilization. I collected information as much as I could.

The next day I visited the MacRitchie Reservoir and it is quite apt for those who want to dissociate themselves from their daily lives for a few moments and relax amidst nature. I also visited the Clarke Quay. The food found here is very tasty and there are hawker centers and there are coffee-shops offering a 24 hours service and offering cheap yet good food.

The best thing about Singapore is the way people belonging to different backgrounds and cultures live in harmony with each other. It is like a bowl of salad where every person has retained their original cultures yet has jolly well got mixed up with others also. Singapore, thanks to the prompt ferry service, is also well connected to other ASEAN countries. Singapore not only attracts people with its awesome tourist spots but also teaches us a very important lesson and that is to live in harmony with our fellow beings. The people here and their hospitality deserve appreciation. I left the place with a heavy heart and decided to visit this place again in future.