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Why Must Go Sipadan

sipadanSipadan is one of the fabulous islands I have ever been in my life. After wandering for last several days in Malaysia, I decided that it was time to spend a beautiful weekend in Sipadan Island. Though, most of the resorts are closed in the island for environment concern. But, the whole island is still open for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling along with range of other activities.

I felt that it would be best for me to visit the island in the morning as I could utilize the whole time for scuba diving. As a child in Bodo, Norway, I was quite fascinated about scuba diving as I saw several deep divers with cameras filming sharks and other marine creatures on television. It really inspired me to learn diving in Malaysia.

I successfully enrolled for a certificate course which helped to advance towards a professional diver. Now, I usually dive with my own gear along with a boatman. My boatman is a local native of Mabul, he charges me half the rate as compared to other boatman since I dive quite frequently. He stays afloat in the water, while I dive deep inside with mask, oxygen cylinders, flipper etc. I meditate everyday and walk on my own to explore the Sipadan Island.