Why you can afford a rental car in Malaysia

Malaysia is one to biggest tourist attraction of South Asia. Not just a tourist attraction, it is also a great financial sector. Kuala Lumpur is the biggest economic center in all of South Asia. So tourists from all over the world come to Malaysia to fulfill their love for tourism. The tourism serves as the third highest revenue generator for the country. With end number of people visiting the country for tourist and when they come to KK (Kota Kinabalu), it is advisable to book car rental kota kinabalu online as well as business purposes, there is a great demand for efficient transportation system. But the railway system of Malaysia is not very efficient. There are bus and cab services. But the most convenient and luxurious way is to use the car rental service. You can take your car and roam around and explore places like George Town, Putrajaya or Johor.


Explore the country

With the use of car rental service, tourists can go from one place to other in the way they prefer. They can take a tour of the city of Kuala Lumpur in the way they like. The rent of the cars varies accordingly. A normal car without insurance may charge 150 Malaysian Ringgit. Whereas a compact car with insurance ma charge 200 Malaysian Ringgit. The cost of unleaded petrol is 2, Malaysian ringgit per ltr. The rents vary according to the type of vehicle used. The rents also vary according to the duration and distance up to which the vehicles are used.

The configuration

The vehicles are all right hand drive and the left side of the road is used. There are also quite a few traffic rules that need to be followed or else heavy penalty will be charged. While driving the driver and the front passenger needs to use the seat belt by rule. There are heavy fines charged for the use of cell phones while driving. Speeding tickets are also given in the case of over speeding. However, sometimes the rental service helps you to get some remittances.